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What services does Words at Work Advertising and Marketing provide?


Complete advertising and marketing support. That means everything from planning and concepts to finished creative and media placements. You can get it all or individual services (marketing planning, creative direction, copy writing, design), the common solution for companies that have internal staff and require help to fill an immediate advertising and marketing need. For a complete review of what’s available, go to our Services section.


What’s the difference between Words at Work Advertising and Marketing and competing firms?


That’s easy. We always start with your prospects, not individual advertising and marketing services. In other words, we don’t start by saying, “let’s do an ad or a logo or a web site”. We start by determining what your prospects want and need. Then we determine the most cost-effective way to make them aware that your company can answer the need. We do this even when it is not in our best interest. For example, we often recommend spending that has no impact on our bottom line, but definitely improves our client’s bottom line.

It’s a highly disciplined approach that is all too rare. Sure, if you look long enough, you may find another company that does the same thing, but they will never match our fees.


What proof do you have that Words at Work Advertising and Marketing is successful?


How about this: among our many clients, we have worked most closely with two companies. Both just moved into new, expanded offices to accommodate their growth. Enough said?


What fees do you charge?


We structure our fees to suit the needs and budget of each client. If you have a specific project and require a quote, you will get one – fast. On the other hand, if you have more general needs or require ongoing support, it’s best to determine your budget first. Then we can talk about what is possible with that budget.


What is a reasonable budget for an advertising program?


It depends very much on the status of your business. It could be a percentage of your sales, assuming you are generating enough sales to have a credible budget. Or it could be a fixed figure you have available on a one-time basis.

We can work with almost any "reasonable" budget, and while it is impossible to put upper and lower limits on what is reasonable, we can tell you what isn't reasonable:

1) If you are a start-up, you can't base your budget on a percentage of sales, because chances are you won't be generating much sales. Moreover, start-ups typically need more -- not less -- money for advertising because they are unknown and have little or no existing advertising materials. Indeed, the lack of advertising budgets is a key reason (along with no marketing plan) why so many start ups fail.

2) If you are a mature business and your sales have taken a big dip, it's not reasonable to assume there are any quick fixes. Even if you still have a very competitive product or service, you won't make major gains with a minor advertising program. You could try the percentage of sales route, but if your sales are low, you have a big problem. Either you come up with the money necessary to win back market share, or you go into the death spiral, where declining sales lead to declining advertising, which leads to declining sales which leads to...


How long does it take to complete a project?


Guess how fast you think we could be. Cut that time in half and you will be – more often than not – close to the turn around time we require.


Does Words at Work Advertising and Marketing offer seminar training?


Yes. Through our ADvanced Seminars program, you can order Marketing and Advertising training that is customized to meet your needs. Remember to ask about our convenient Lunch ‘N Learn sessions.


How can I get started?


You can complete and forward our Getting Started form, or you can call our offices (905-940-6610) to book a training session.


I’m getting ready to launch my first advertising program? What should I consider?


Try our Why Advertise page. It contains 20 solid reasons why it pays to advertise. You can also try our AD IQ quiz.


Where do I find samples of the work done by Words at Work Advertising and Marketing?


Go to our Gallery page.


Where can I see examples of good and bad ads?


Go to our Advertising Hall of Fame and Advertising Hall of Shame pages.


What should I do if I already have the content of my print ad and need the help of a studio artist or graphic designer to do the art direction and layout?


We recommend you get in touch with Lynn Waghorne. She has done projects for us in the past and brings a quarter century of experience to her work.

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